Lisa Saunders & Mystic Seafarer's Trail

Lisa Saunders

Author, TV talk show host, and CMV fighter

Lisa has written 10 books, a one-act play, and several free e-books.

Lisa's Books Include:

Lisa's 10 books can be previewed by clicking on her author's page on Amazon. Her books/e-books include:

  1. Mystic Seafarer's Trail: Secrets behind the 7 Wonders, Titanic's Shoes, Captain Sisson's Gold, and Amelia Earhart's Wedding. "An hysterical and historical look at Mystic, Connecticut, and the adventurers who pass through it."
  2. Anything But a Dog! The perfect pet for a girl with congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus)--The true story of a homeless old dog and the little girl who needed him.
  3. Shays' Rebellion: The Hanging of Co-Leader Captain Henry Gale--dramatic events leading up to the noose around his neck.
  4. Ride a Horse, Not an Elevator (children's novel)-- A chubby city girl leaves the elevators and bullies of her apartment complex for her grandparents’ farm. Facing her fear of horses and outhouses, she finds a skinny friend who likes her just the way she is. Featured in Cornell University's "Horse Book in a Bucket" program.
  5. Ever True: A Union Private and His Wife--True Civil War love letters reveal war's ever-present threat of death, scandals and infidelities. Includes the court-marshaling of a cow. Also a one-act "reader's theater."
  6. Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale-- a tender fairytale for all ages about the process of healing after the death of a loved one.
  7. Lisa's Guide for Writers (includes writing exercises and how to get published--even if you're not thin and famous!)
  8. Once Upon a Placemat: A Table Setting Tale - When a young girl can't remember how to set the table, her grandmother teaches her to listen to the silverware. Will the dish really run away with the spoon?  Learn why the table is set the way it is. Why does the knife keep a sharp eye on the plate? Why does the fork want a napkin bed and the cup insist she and the others get a bath before being shared?
  9. Mystic (Images of Modern America) The book of 164 images shows the evolution of Mystic, Connecticut, from a working-class village into a tourist driven community, while still embracing its quaint New England charm and keeping its rich history alive. Many of the images are in color and range from the year 1954 (Mystic's 300th birthday) through today. Co-authored with Kent & Meredith Fuller.
  10. After the Loss of a Spouse: From Henry VIII-Julia Child--Examines the bittersweet human condition of love and loss of 18 famous widow/ers including Mark Twain, George Palmer Putnam (Amelia Earhart’s widower), C.S. Lewis, Martha Washington, Katharine Graham (of The Washington Post), Norman Rockwell, George Burns, Mary Todd Lincoln, Grandma Moses, Milton Hershey (Hershey's Kisses), Coretta Scott King, Captain von Trapp (of The Sound of Music), Hetty Green (world's greatest miser), William Gillette (aka Sherlock Holmes), Frances Wolfe Sisson (widow of Mystic, Connecticut, sea captain who perished in one of Texas’s worst maritime disasters), and Abby Day Slocomb (widow behind Connecticut State flag design sent recently opened time capsule from Europe during WWI). By learning how these famous (and infamous) people managed their lives after the loss of a spouse, we come to realize the potential that exists in all of us. Anyone who loves a romantic history lesson will be intrigued by this book.