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Lisa Saunders

Author, TV talk show host, and CMV fighter

I love to share your news!

Lisa Saunders is an independent copywriter specializing in website/blog content, media releases and TV interviews.


Lisa provides writing and publicity services.

She can help you:

  • Market yourself
  • Publicize your expertise
  • Learn creative ways to reach customers

I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by writing website content, newsletters, media releases, informative articles and promotional books. Filmed interviews also available.

  • Become known as an expert in your field
  • Be seen on TV & YouTube
  • Find an audience
  • Get published

Lisa and her preferred vendors provide:

  • Website content
  • Press Releases
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters
  • Interviews on TV & YouTube
  • Publishing on Amazon
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Social Media Packages
  • Internet Marketing
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Writing/Publishing/Self-
    Publishing/Publicity workshops
  • Private Consultations
  • Editing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Illustrating
  • Website Creation
  • Application Content Management
  • Business Improvement Analysis

For a free consultation, please complete this short form. Otherwise, write to her at or to: Lisa Saunders,  PO Box 389, Mystic, CT 06355.

Testimonials about Lisa's Work:

“Lisa, you really did a wonderful, wonderful job of unearthing stories and getting the media to pump out a steady stream of positive press. I know it was your ‘job,’ but you really embraced it with such enthusiasm--it really made a difference!” Tzipora Reitman, Director of Campus Communications, Rockland Community College

"Lisa does a wonderful job representing my organization at networking events in New England and participating in our marketing planning strategies at headquarters.  She also advises the company on advertising strategies in digital media. Previously, she utilitzed her excellent inter-personal skills by recruiting for us." Dick Avazian, President, National Field Service Corporation  

 "Lisa helped me revitalize my marketing strategy with innovative ideas. For example, she got me additional speaking engagements and did the advance publicity for them. She even got a headline spread in the newspaper by repackaging my individual engagements as a speaking tour by a local expert (me): 'Senior Acupuncturist Kicks Off Spring Lecture Series.'” Kathleen T. Poole, M.S., L.Ac., owner of Mystic River Acupuncture


“Lisa’s publicity work earned our chapter an award for “Most Creative Media!”Janet Purinton, Regent, Daughters of the American Revolution, Anna Warner Bailey Chapter


"When I uploaded Lisa’s video to my Facebook page, someone ordered my book that day!" Nancy Rupert – Co-Author of a View from the Snow Globe: A Journey in Cancer and Chemo


Samples of Lisa's writing and media work:

Statement from Lisa Saunders

I am  a freelance copywriter who specializes in website/blog content, media releases and TV interviews. My skills in marketing, networking and enthusiasm for working with entrepreneurs and the media enable me to advance an organization's mission. Owing to my past experience as a writer in campus communications and as an employment recruiter, I am able to interview clients to assess and portray their expertise.

I enjoy strategizing with entrepreneurs on creative ways to reach their customers. When I moved from New York to Connecticut four years ago, I had to resign as the full-time writer for a college (they later rehired me as an independent writer). In parting, my supervisor wrote to me: “Lisa, you really did a wonderful, wonderful job of unearthing stories and getting the media to pump out a steady stream of positive press. I know it was your ‘job,’ but you really embraced it with such enthusiasm--it really made a difference!” Tzipora Reitman, Director of Campus Communications, Rockland Community College

Promoting one's cause or product is a time consuming task---and no one has the time to do it all and still run a business. Regarding Internet marketing, according to Jackie Tortora, online content manager for a national nonprofit based in D.C., everyone should at least have the following:

  • Website
  • Blog (ongoing diary of your news, preferably imbedded in your website). The share buttons in posts allow you to repost your news easilty to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Newsletter (even if only sent a few times a year, it keeps you in people's inboxes).Collecting email addresses of satisfied or potential clients for your newsletter list is an ongoing effort, but you can offer something free, such as a "how to" article/e-book,as an enticement for them to subscribe. 
  • YouTube Video (they come up high in searches and potential clients like to "meet" you through them)
  • Google + Page (linking it, of course, to your website)
  • Facebook Page (although there are many Facebook pages to compete with, they come up high in searches). 
  • Media Releases: Gain free publicity in print and broadcast media by creating news (such as giving a talk, giving something away, etc.) and announcing it to the media through a press release, which should also be posted on your website. (Be sure to compose them using Associated Press style.)
  • LinkedIn (comes up high in searches)
  • Twitter (can easily be updated from your blog)

Contact me at if you would like me to initiate or reorganize your marketing campaign. Using my proprietary database of media contacts, I can connect you to the public. I can also write a marketing report geared specifically to your business.


Lisa Saunders, copywriter

PO BOX 389, Mystic, CT 06355,


Lisa can speak to your organization on "How to Market  Yourself": 

"Lisa's talk on 'How to Market Yourself' was fabulous. She was very well received by the members who felt she really knew what she was talking about."--Anne-Marie Foster, Co-Founder, freshconnections, a networking group for women in business (contact

To view Lisa's PowerPoint notes, click on: "How to Market Yourself," or receive her free e-book at: "How to Promote Your Business (or yourself)," which gives information on why and how to write press releases, newsletters, etc.


Lisa is skilled in media relations, marketing, writing and editing. Computer skills: Desktop Publishing, Microsoft Office, Paint, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, People-Trak, blogs and websites. 

EDUCATION: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. B.S. — Business Management and Marketing


Independent writing/publicity consultant, Nov. 2010 – Present: Lisa works as a copywriter and marketing specialist for clients such as National Field Service Corporation, U.S. Properties Realty, LLC, and Pathfinder magazine. For the State University of New York at Rockland, she researched story ideas and interviewed students, faculty, and staff for the Media Experts Guide, Speakers Bureau, alumni newsletter, award nominations, press releases, marketing materials and brochures.  Other clients include Ginsburg Development Companies and Mystic River Acupuncture. (She volunteers her time as Public Relations Chairman for Daughters of the American Revolution, Anna Warner Bailey Chapter, and promotes prevention of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV), the leading birth defects virus, as the parent representative of the Congenital CMV Foundation.)  

State University of New York at Rockland Community College (RCC)

Suffern, NY, 2006 – Oct. 29, 2010

Campus Communications Assistant

  • Promoted events and programs to the media, authoring press releases and alumni newsletter, SCENE, with quarterly circulation of 35,000. Located and interviewed successful students and alumni for human interest stories. Initiated and ran successful “Open Mike Nights for Writers.”
  • Used Twitter, Facebook, and coordinated RCC Speakers Bureau as additional promotional tools, which resulted in newspaper coverage of the college and faculty.
  • Composed brochures and edited catalogs.
  • Developed relationships with students and alumni and assisted with RCC’s Foundation fundraisers such as award ceremonies, golf outings and the annual campaign.

Key Accomplishments

  • Received national coverage on Fox and Friends and in Associated Press through press releases relating the circumstances of individual students or faculty to current events.
  • Awarded by the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations, District I: Gold Medallion for Academic Convocation Booklet (2010); Silver for Departmental Brochures (2010); and Bronze for ad print series, which featured noteworthy alumni (2009). 





Clients comment on her work. See: Lisa's writing references

Tzipora Reitman, Director of Communications

State University of New York at Rockland Community College

145 College Road, Suffern, NY 10901, W-845-574-4595


Dick Avazian, President

National Field Service Corporation

162 Orange Ave, Suffern, NY 0901, w-800-368-1602



Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc, Publisher

Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er's Journey

PO Box 752, East Lyme CT, 06333




Kathleen T. Poole, M.S., L.Ac.

Mystic River Acupuncture, 167 Broad St., Groton, CT, 860-448-6766,



Janet F. Purinton, Regent

Daughters of the American Revolution,

Anna Warner Bailey Chapter

Groton, CT, (860) 572-8780,