Lisa Saunders & Mystic Seafarer's Trail

Lisa Saunders

Author, TV talk show host, and CMV fighter

Surviving Loss:

The Woodcutter's Tale

 Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale is available in softcover on Amazon; or as a free e-book on Smashwords.



Denise Ide :For such a short book, it sure packs a punch. With honesty and radiance that only Lisa can provide, the reader gets a glimpse into the pain and healing that comes with the loss of a loved one. This book is very informative. I think that the CMV community is very fortunate to have Lisa as an advocate for them.

Kendra M.: Please do not let this book pass you bye. The pictures and words are so very special. This is a simplistic story for children, parents, and grandparents alike who have ever dealt with the loss of a loved one-especially a child. This story expresses love, grief, and the most important hope of seeing our loved ones again. My family lost our 3 year old son recently, and this is a book I'm so happy to have. Not only is this special to our 5 year old son, but will be passed on to the many families around us who are facing the steps of life with heavy hearts of a loss. I'm so grateful this book has been written!!! Thank you!!!

Faye Hollidaye : A great read! Informative and well-written, this short is well worth the time. I highly recommend for anyone and everyone. A five-star must-read.